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Tiger Tops Newsletter - March 2017

As the season is peaking here in Nepal, we look back on a busy month of March. Not only have we been taking care of guests, showing them the best of Chitwan National Park and Tharu culture, we have also been piloting a new conservation programme, hosting Animal Nepal at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp, and celebrating Nepal’s most colorful festival, Holi.

Why not check out our unique trips on and enjoy Tiger Tops from your armchair by following our new YouTube channel. 

Tiger Tops’ conservation project: Successful Dog Clinic with HART

In the last week of March, we hosted the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust with their mobile dog clinic at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp. Over five days we neutered and vaccinated 181 dogs from the villages surrounding the lodge. This, our latest conservation initiative, has been an outstanding success, bringing benefit to the local community, their livestock, wildlife, and the dogs themselves.

Visit from Animal Nepal

Animal Nepal visited our Elephant Camp in March and stayed two nights amid our eleven resident elephants. Animal Nepal is an NGO, who conducts research and works directly with private lodge owners to create examples of good practices regarding elephant tourism. They are avid supporters of our new elephant jungle walk, where guests join our resident elephants on their daily walk through the jungle. We were delighted to host President of Animal Nepal Pramada Shah, who left a wonderful review of our elephant camp experience:

“Walking with elephants instead of riding them was the most amazing experience of my life. I can guarantee this is a far superior experience than riding them.” 

New trips on

We are pleased to announce that three new trips with Tiger Tops have been published on Please take a look and get inspired for your next holiday to Nepal!

Elephant holiday in Nepal
This trip is for the nature and animal lover. We strive to give you the most rewarding and unique elephant experience from a natural observant perspective. In the camp you are surrounded by elephants living in spacious, naturalistic corrals. You are immersed in the elephants’ daily life from sun up to sun down.

Chitwan elephant experience in Nepal
This trip is for the nature and animal enthusiasts who wish to extend their travels in Nepal - for example trekking holidays - with a relaxing yet adventurous jungle experience. It offers a combination of classic safari activities and a unique elephant encounter, like no other found in Nepal.

Bird conservation tour in Nepal
Join us for an unbeatable bird conservation and bird watching tour of the Therai region of Nepal. During one week, we will visit strategic birdwatching places in Chitwan National Park and its buffer zones, various conservation projects.


YouTube channel

We have been filming wildlife, jungle experiences, and elephants, and we have been digging into our archives for historical footage from some of the first jungle safaris in Nepal, among many other things. We will keep updating the channel with new footage - follow Tiger Tops on YouTube here!

Happy Holi from Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge staff

Holi Festival, or the Festival Of Colour is one of the most exciting and vibrant of all the Hindu Festivals. Friends and family join together to celebrate the death of the Demoness Holika by throwing powder paint in the air and smudging it over their loved ones.

Holi celebrations at our lodges are brilliant fun. Staff and guests alike delve into the colour and emerge a rainbow mess!

There are more than fifty festivals celebrated throughout the year in Nepal.