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Tiger Tops Newsletter - February 2017

We hope that you have had an enjoyable February. We certainly did here at Tiger Tops. The misty mornings are creeping away to make way for brighter blue skies and balmy sunshine. The evening camp fires will soon be a thing of the past!  Our guests have had some spectacular wildlife sightings over the past few weeks. The Tharu Lodge and Elephant Camp Team spotted six Greater One Horned Rhinoceros grazing in the same spot only last week! 

Tiger Tops and HART Dog Clinic - Fundraiser

As you may know Tiger Tops has been pioneering conservation and community focused initiatives in Nepal for over fifty years. The Himalayan Animal Resuce Trust have been striving to create a place where animals are respected and cared for within their own communities, and disease and distress are things of the past, since 2010. We are teaming up to protect the dogs, livestock and wildlife that lives around our Tharu Lodge in this, our latest conservation initiative.

From 28th March to 1st April HART will bring their mobile clinic to Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge, along with a fourteen strong team of vets and vet nurses. Together we will neuter and vaccinate 200 dogs who have been identified and give any additonal medical treatment needed. Here's how you can help!


All Asia Elephant Tour - Book Now!

Tiger Tops has joined with Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary and Mahouts Elephant Foundation in Thailand to create  The All Asia Elephant Tour.  These three very different organisation are pioneering ethical and sustainable elephant experiences in their own way while sharing the same ethos and values; elephants deserve respect and autonomy. 

This 21-day tour will take you through Bangkok to Chiang Mai and on to Kathmandu via the rich jungles of Asia. It is the ultimate elephant experience! We will commence the adventure on the 4th September we are taking bookings now!


Buddha and the Birds

Lumbini is a great day trip from Tharu Lodge and is abundant in wildlife and culture. A little over two weeks ago our naturalists and guest relations team visited Lumbini for a day of birdwatching and spiritual enrichment. 

Lumbini is the place of Buddha's birth and is a popular pilgrimage site for people from all faiths and nationalities. Additionally, Lumbini is home to the The International Crane Foundation, a must visit for any keen birdwatcher. Purple Heron, Indian Grey Hornbill and Black-headed Ibis were just three of over thirty species spotted throughout the day.

Bathing Is Back!

The spring has finally sprung and our elephants are delighted! After a long winter it is magical to see them swimming, splashing and sunning themselves at their leisure in the shallows of the Narayani River. Not only does this provide excellent photo opportunities for our guests but more importantly gives our elephants the chance to exhibit natural behaviour with their herds.

Pictured here; Saraswoti Kali affectionately explores Hira Kali's face while Sandra Kali shuffles alongside to get in on the action!

Tiger Tops Bird Conservation Tours

Our naturalists are undoubtedly some of the best on the Sub-Continent. Tiger Tops has created an unbeatable bird conservation and bird watching tour of the Terai region of Nepal guided by our expert naturalist team.

In the space of a week visit strategic bird watching locations in Chitwan National Park and its buffer zones. We will also visit several conservation projects in the surrounding area, giving you the opportunity to learn more about some of the most endangered bird species of the Indian sub-continent.