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Tiger Tops Newsletter –19/20 Season Commences

Dear Tiger Tops Friends and Supporters,

Despite having one of the heaviest late monsoons on record, we were busy last month getting our properties ready for the new 2019/20 season. Fortunately we managed to open on time in September thanks to the hard work of our incredible teams in difficult circumstances. Our first guests of the season braved wet weather to embark on their jungle adventures and were treated with lush, verdant jungles, unforgettable sunsets and some great wildlife viewing, especially at our Karnali Lodge where our first tiger and leopard sightings of the season occurred.

We have been busy over the summer helping to promote Nepal as a destination for the up and coming Visit Nepal 2020 tourism year as well as making key updates to our various operations.
Our sister trekking company Mountain Travel Nepal has seen significant developments occur over the last few months as it looks to cement itself as a leader in high-end trekking services here in Nepal. More details can be found below.
We work closely with key partners across Nepal to ensure our clients receive the best-in-class services during their entire visit to the country. As such below we mention a few of our favourite accommodation partners in Kathmandu in this letter, with other locations to follow in subsequent additions.

Maintaining our Traditional Tharu Structures

Both of our properties are built using the traditional Tharu vernacular architectural styles using local building materials and built by Tharu craftsmen. This form of construction is a dying art here in Nepal as communities look as cheaper and more easily sourced alternatives.
At Tiger Tops we are committed to preserving the cultural heritage of the Tharu people. This does however mean that an extraordinary amount of effort is needed for the upkeep of these buildings so our guests can spend their days at our lodges in comfort.

Research on our Elephants Continues

We are delighted to be welcoming Hong Kong University professor, Cambridge University graduate and Fulbright scholar Dr Hannah Mumby and her team to our Tharu Lodge to undertake some very interesting behavioural and stress related studies on our herd. As mentioned in previous iterations of this letter, it is our desire (and duty) to learn as much as we can about captive elephants. Dr Hannah’s work is a very big step in the right direction. For more information about her previous work please visit her website.

Re-launching Mountain Travel Nepal

We are very excited to announce that our sister company, Mountain Travel Nepal, has undergone a thorough makeover and is now ready to take you on tailor-made Himalayan adventures in style.
As the pioneers of the Himalayan trekking industry Mountain Travel is again embracing its original pioneering spirit by focusing on bespoke, full-service camping treks and expeditions to off-the-beaten-path destinations.
Check out the new website and get inspired for you next Himalayan experience:

Where to Stay in Kathmandu – Three Options to Suit Your Needs

Shivapuri Heights Cottages

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and visit Shivapuri Heights Cottages, located on the Northern ridge of the Kathmandu valley. Offering a variety of comfortable accommodation options all with stunning views of the capital, the property is run by ex Tiger Tops stalwart Steve Webster and his Nepalese wife Neeru. From the Cottages you can go on walks to nearby Monasteries,through Shivapuri National Park or simply enjoy the view of Kathmandu from your private terrace.

Baber Mahal Vilas

Baber Mahal Vilas is a boutique hotel situated in the famous upmarket shopping enclave of Baber Mahal Revisited. Run by the descendants of the longest ruling prime minister of Nepal Maharaja Chandra Shumsher Rana, the hotel offers an immersive experience into the various architectural styles found in Nepal. The Revisited complex was formed from the previous stables of the royal palace and contains some of the valley’s most luxurious boutique shops and upmarket restaurants.

Dwarikas Kathmandu

A firm favourite of Tiger Tops’ clients, Dwarikas offers a Nepalese hospitality experience at it’s finest. Preserving the Newari woodworking tradition, the hotel is a living museum of rescued and restored woodworks, Nepali embroidered textiles and terracotta and is combined with modern rooms and first class hospitality.

All of the above hotels can be booked through our reservations team who can also arrange any aspect of your visit to Nepal from other hotel bookings, sightseeing trips, flight tickets and experiences. For information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are very excited to see what the new season brings us and look forward to welcoming all our guests at our lodges.

Kind regards,

Jack Edwards
Managing Director
Tiger Tops