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Tiger Tops Newsletter - April 2017

After a successful season, we are slowly entering the monsoon time. Looking back on a beautiful month in Nepal, April’s newsletter is short but sweet. 


Tiger Tops

Tiger Sightings

April has offered stunning tiger sightings in both the Buffer Zone area around Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge and inside Chitwan National Park.

One Tigress was sighted twice in two days in the Buffer Zone during the early morning hours, when she revisited her kill from the previous day. The next was sighted on the jeep road inside the park and another was lazily resting on the river bank, not paying any attention to the groups of tourists taking pictures; all in awe of the big cat.

The latest Tiger, a beautiful female (pictured above), put on a show as she crossed the Rapti River from the National Park, entering the Buffer Zone.   

The Bengal Tiger is one of the most elusive creatures of the jungle and it is always an occasion for celebration when they grace our guests with their presence.

Itinerary Highlight for Wildlife Lovers

Full Day Jungle Walk

Our wildlife team has been exploring new tracks in Chitwan National Park, with the aim of finding the ultimate full day wildlife trail. For wildlife lovers, this will be a unique jungle experience, hiking through all the different kinds of habitats that Chitwan has to offer; from grass lands, open sal forest and sandy riverbeds to dense riverine jungle, bamboo forests and wetlands.

On this trip you will spend the full day in the jungle (approximately 10 hours) with our team of naturalists. Armed with sticks and a pack lunch for the day you’ll be walking, observing and enjoying the jungle in the most authentic way, on foot

You will not get closer to nature than this. We look forward to bringing this experience to you on your next visit to Nepal. 


Conservation In Action

Visit from the Himalayan Tiger Foundation

Tiger Tops is delighted to have hosted the Himalayan Tiger Foundation (HTF) at Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge during their visit in April for their research and work on the prevention of human-wildlife conflicts.

On this visit HTF aimed to get started with two different projects; to test a new style of electric fencing and to start a grassland improvement program which will increase palatable grasses to encourage more deer and ultimately more tigers into the area.

The purpose of the electric fence is to prevent elephants from destroying people’s crops and houses. A recent study showed that human-elephant encounters are extremely costly to the community. In the 5,000 hectare project area crop losses and damage to houses amount to US$35,00 - 50,000 every year.

You can read more about the Himalayan Tiger Foundation’s endeavours here.

Kathmandu News 

New Head Office

We are very pleased to announce that we have moved to a greener and quieter location, not far from our old office. The new address of our Head Office in Kathmandu is:

Tiger Tops Pvt. Ltd

P.O.Box 242,

539/61 Subarna Shamsher Marg, Baluwatar,Kathmandu, Nepal.

Find us on Google Maps here.