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Envisioning. Growing. Eating.

Tiger Tops are excited to be expanding our sustainable organic farms at Karnali and Tharu Lodges, to become the first self-sufficient safari resort in Nepal. Headed by Australian Conservation Biologist, Soorya Koch, we are envisioning a large organic farm that will supply the produce for 80-120 guests and staff at Karnali. Our menus will serve fresh, delicious and 100% organic dishes that reflect the seasonal change in produce. We have planted a large selection of herbs and will have our first bounty of lettuce, bok choy, cauliflower, okra, sponge gourd and beans in the coming months.

Soorya has been travelling between the lodges teaching our local farming staff about composting, drainage and raised-bed planting. Beyond sustaining a food source, the organic farms will also improve the land it is cultivated on and contribute to the ecosystem. There are endless possibilities of organic farming, permaculture and agritourism; we are thrilled to be pioneering this movement in Nepal.