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Handcrafted signature pieces to adorn Tiger Tops interiors

During the monsoon season, Tiger Tops has been making a fresh start. Led by Danish interior decorator, Mette Otzen, we have been renovating our lodges and designing unique handcrafted furniture and accessories to adorn the interiors. With a flare for incorporating local aesthetics with contemporary design, Mette has been working on a few signature pieces for guests’ comfort and enjoyment.

The first is the restoration of a chair that looked great but was worn down and uncomfortable. Mette met with local craftsman and worked on minimalistic Nepali designs. After eight samples, the final product was created – simple but comfortable chair guests can relax in on their balcony. The day beds, located in communal spaces around the lodge, again encapsulate modern design features in a traditional product. The four-legged frame is strung with ropes made of grass. Mette has altered the method of rolling the grass to give it a softer and more relaxing finish. It is amazing to walk around the surrounding Tharu villages in Bardia and see the traditional daybeds in everyday use.

By incorporating traditional products into the interior designs, Tiger Tops are also utilizing the skills of local artisans and supporting the economies of rural communities.