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Join the All Asia Elephant Tour 2017!

Welcome to Asia’s ultimate elephant odyssey. Three pioneering, sustainable elephant conservation organisations have teamed up to offer you the chance to explore Asia like never before. Join this exclusive adventure of a lifetime with elephant and wildlife lovers from all over the world.

Having hosted Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary founder Katherine Conner and Mahout Elephant Foundation’s founder Sarah Blaine at Tiger Tops Elephant Camp earlier in the season it was clear that a fantastic working relationship could blossom and so, between us all we’ve put our heads together to create the All Asia Elephant Tour. We wanted to create an opportunity for people to experience first hand the variety of work being done in Asia to promote ethical and sustainable elephant welfare focused tourism.

All very different organisations who share the same ethos; the elephants come first, they are not props, entertainment or vehicles. They deserve respect, adoration and autonomy which, in their own way, is provided to them by BLES, MEF and TTEC. As a newly formed partnership we wish to unite, collaborate and educated each other within this new venture. This is so much more than a tour, this about sending a wider message, that if we work together we can make a positive difference within elephant welfare, environmental conservation and the development of sustainable tourism.

The All Asia Elephant Tour is developed in light of the Elephant Foot Trimming course run at Tiger Tops Tharu Village with Carol Buckley earlier in 2016. People from all backgrounds came together to experience a new culture, share their passions and invest their time in the world’s biggest land mammal.

BLES is passionately devoted to creating a safe and natural home for Thai elephants. They care for rescued and retired elephants, allowing them to interact freely within 500 acres of forested land. Currently home to 15 elephants (cats, dogs, monkeys, buffalo and more!), Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary will be the first stop on this ultimate elephant odyssey.

Following a trip to Thailand in 2008 the Blaine family set up Mahouts Elephant Foundation. Their mission is to facilitate change and work towards better welfare focused projects where tourists can still safely be around elephants whilst keeping their welfare as a firm top priority. With Mahouts Elephant Foundation you will join their Walking Elephant Home project to meet the four elephants they successfully returned to the forest in the summer of 2015.

The final step of the journey will take you to Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge and Elephant Camp. Founded in 1964, Tiger Tops has pioneered sustainable tourism from day one. With 12 resident elephants at their Elephant Camp join alongside the herd on morning walks through Chitwan National Park, cover more ground in the 1940s Land Rovers and watch the sunset over the Narayani River while the elephants bathe at their leisure.

Throughout this tour you will meet some of the most knowledgeable and experienced elephant care givers in the world. Our mahouts are integral to the tour. All have different approaches and very difference relationships with their elephants, as each elephant you will meet has a personality all of their own.

In between the stays with each of us we have incorporated city days. We are conscious to offer our guests the chance to experience Thailand and Nepal as a whole. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Kathmandu have a wealth of activities on offer; steeped in history, culture in abundance and sights to see on every corner. These days will allow you to immerse yourself in urban asian life…and connect to some reliable WiFi!

Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary, Mahouts Elephant Foundation and Tiger Tops Elephant Camp are eagerly anticipating your arrival. 2017 is a chance to take responsible and conscious tourism forward and we can’t wait.