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New Year – Welcome 2017!

First and foremost Tiger Tops Elephant Camp would like to wish all of our guests, followers and supporters a very Happy New Year and we hope you all had a restful holiday season.

We certainly did and are looking forward to the year ahead. On New Year’s day we announced our new All Asia Elephant Tour in partnership with Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary and Mahouts Elephant Foundation in Thailand. This is a really exciting opportunity for our guests to see the full spectrum of vital work going on in Asia to develop genuine, sustainable, elephant welfare focused tourism. For more information or to read our blog piece about this new initiative follow this link.

In October we will run our second annual Elephant Foot Trimming Workshop with Carol Buckley of Elephant Aid International. Our 2016 workshops were a great success and still get talked about daily at the lodge! More information about this is coming soon so watch this space!

It is at this point that we should share some sad news with you. In the early hours of the 5th January our friend and darling girl Bhrikuti Kali passed away peacefully surrounded by her mahouts and the Elephant Camp team who knew her best. She was 60 and had a full life, in the last few months she had been ailing more and more. She was visited weekly by our vet and the Elephant Camp team made her as comfortable as possible. We wish to commend our Elephant Camp team, in particular her head mahout Mangal and our Subha, Kale for their unrelenting dedication to Bhrikuti Kali, not only in her final days, but throughout her life. Please be assured that after a period of compassionate leave Mangal will still have a role at Tiger Tops, we value him greatly.

Thank you to Nicole Franklin for sharing this photo (left) of Bhrikuti Kali with us from 18 years ago. She charmed so many of our guests young and old and will be missed terribly. (Right) Mangal shows his dedication to Bhrikut Kali by hand feeding her vitamin enriched rice balls in September 2016.

It is coming up to the first anniversary of the Elephant Camp’s opening. We are delighted with the success it has had so far and know that it will only grow and develop from here. Our daily walks in the jungle alongside our elephants have received nothing but positive feedback. Our mahouts are slowly but surely coming out of their shells and the kuchi making sessions are becoming evermore entertaining as they pick up on English and our guests try their hand at Nepali. In terms of the Lodges, all is going well too. Our new dining hall stewards Puspa (the son of our infamous naturalist Bhim), Suraj and Khagendra have all be offered and accepted full time jobs following their training period and we are delighted to welcome them to the Tiger Tops family. We are looking forward to some warmer weather so guests can make the most of our swimming pool at our Tharu Village Resort. The Christmas decorations have come down and Holi (the Hindu festival of colour) will soon be upon us. The photos will be great, look out for those!