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World Rhino Day!

Today is World Rhinoceros Day – an opportunity to reflect upon conservation efforts and raise awareness about these magnificent jungle creatures. In recent years there has been an increase in the population of greater one-horned rhinos (also known as Indian rhinos) in Chitwan and Bardia National Parks, Nepal. Chitwan National Park in fact has the second largest population of greater one-horned rhinos in the world! Efforts must continue to deter and ultimately stop the poaching of these wondrous animals.

Guests at Tiger Tops are in for a real treat when they spot a rhino on a morning or afternoon elephant safari. Although they lead a solitary life, it is normal to find the rhinos swimming and grazing together. As one of only five rhino species in the world today it, it is truly remarkable to see the rhino’s enjoying the wilderness. We know how lucky we are to consider them apart of our large jungle backyard, and still get excited to spot them wallowing in the afternoon sun.

Happy World Rhino Day – Come and see them for yourself!