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For me a Tigers existence symbolizes the sincerity of our being, a representation of the original ways of mans survival. Its rawness, strength and energy sum up the significance to our planet. Wild tigers are on the brink of extinction; there are more tigers in captivity in Texas than there are in the wild. Approximately there are 3500...

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Spring At Tiger Tops

Spring has arrived down here at the Tiger tops. The days are getting warmer and the birds are singing, we will be expecting all the flowers to bloom very soon. Many of the guests are enjoying wonderful picnic lunches in the jungle as it gives them a great chance to experience the jungle first hand and can be the best way to see the wild...

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Elephant Keeping

Tiger Tops has 13 elephants living at the lodge and they are very much part of the Tiger Tops family. The elephants all have three designated men who give them round the clock care if need be. Twelve of the elephants are female and we have one male, Samsheer gaj, who is very much the boss. Our elephant camp is East of the lodge.All the...

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