Tiger Tops Feature in A Luxury Travel Blog

21 things to do in Nepal

‘Hunt’ for tigers in Bardiya National Park

Go in search of these elusive wild cats in the dense forest of Bardiya in western Nepal. Whilst staying at Tiger Top’s Karnali Lodge jump into safari vehicles that were bought from the British Army in the 60’s, arm yourself with binoculars and cameras and go on a hunt for one of the 87 resident tigers. Skittish and secretive, and despite being orange, tigers are a demon to spot – making it all the more exciting. Sightings of their ‘beds’ (worn down grass patches), scat and footprints can send heart rates through the roof. On seeing one of these incredible animals, return to Karnali Lodge and celebrate with a well-earned gin and tonic and a 5-star meal

Walk with elephants at Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge

Chitwan National Park provides fantastic viewing of Asian one-horned rhino and there is no better way to spot these secretive mammals than by walking with three of Tiger Top’s elephants who escort you deep into the forest. The elephants mask the smell of humans, so being flanked by these beautiful animals allows you to get as close as 20-feet away from rhinos and perhaps even a tiger. Seeing the relationship between the elephants themselves is also a treat, as each elephant plays its own role in the jungle walk. Walks can last as short as an hour, or as long as a whole day.

Birder’s Paradise, Chitwan National Park

In the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park alone 399 bird species have been counted and there are over 600 in the entire park. It is an exceptionally dense area for avian species and will delight even the most elementary of ornithologists. Picking out the individual bird calls with your tracker is akin to deciphering the soundtrack of the forest. From the end of October – May is the best time to visit Chitwan for the birds because it benefits from having the migratory species before they head to Siberia for the summer months. From Dracula-looking cinereous vultures to characterful kingfishers, Chitwan is a true birder’s paradise.

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