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Chasing the Tiger

What an experience this was. Pure wildlife experience... This trip makes me want to live my retired life as a wildlife photographer. We stayed in the world famous Tiger tops and this place doesn’t have a fence that separates it from the forest and we actually spotted a leopard in the lodge.. This place doesn’t promote AC or WiFi in the room. Plus my phone network was down so I switched my phone off for a week and trust me I have never felt so free, undisturbed and relaxed. Between waking up to the sound of birds singing to sleeping to the sounds of crickets and rainfall my life was on cloud 9. I would get up to eat breakfast in the forest, go for Safari all day, Chill in Maachans and because it was 40 degrees we had to swim. Hello.. hello, swimming in the natural waters is the best feeling. And come back to my lodge to eat the most incredible organic meal ever. Then I would fall asleep to the books I borrowed from the lodge library. We all had the most amazing time! If it was not for our Lenses we would go in a complete digital detox.

Day 1
Fly to Nepalgunj. Hire a vehicle to bardiya or if your lodge has an airport pickup service, even better! After you reach your lodge, freshen up and go for the sundown. The bank of Karnali has a different charm altogether.

Day 2
Next day is your Safari day. Usually your lodge will have a Safari planned for you. If you are staying with Tigertops. They will get you a vintage land rover. Man O Man. This one is the “Real Sexy” . The Safari has your meals packed. Which means breakfast and lunch in the wild. Usually the guests that come over to Tigertops are pure wildlife enthusiasts so they usually stay over at the lodge for a time period between days to months. They are always on Safari! If you are heading to this place. At least do two days of safari or maybe until you find the gorgeous cat. The food at Tigertops will warm your heart. The rooms are amazing and the hospitality is among the best in Nepal.

Day 3
Safari and sundown

Day 4
Drive to Nepalgunj and take a flight.

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