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4 Day

Elephant Camp Experience

Elephant Camp

At Tiger Tops Elephant Camp you will be staying in one of our six comfortable and fully equipped safari tents with attached bathrooms. The tents are surrounded on three sides by corrals, so you are truly immersed in the daily routine of our herd. A central dining room or 'Golghar' is the focal point of the camp overlooking one of the corals. Here our guests enjoy their meals, interact with mahouts or simply relax whilst observing our elephants go about their daily business.


Day 1. Arrival

Arriving at the camp , you will be met by our staff who will show you to your tent , where you have time to freshen up . After a welcome drink and a short briefing , lunch will be served in the dining hall . Lunch will be followed by a walk around the camp and an introduction to the elephants and their mahouts . In the late afternoon , when the temperature has come down , follow the elephants to the river to watch them drink and bath . While the elephants frolic in the wat , our staff will serve you chilled drinks and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the warm light of the setting sun . This is a perfect time for taking breathtaking photos of the elephants , so don't forget your camera! Walk back through the charming Tharu villages , while chatting to our naturalist who can tell you everything about the local culture and customs . Have a hotshower and a cold drink before being seated for a hearty daal bhaat made from produce of our organic farm.

Day 2. Elephant Experience

Prepare to get up early and follow the elephants to the grass-lands , where the mahouts cut and collect the grass for the elephants to eat during the day. This is a very beautiful experience and varies a lot over the different seasons . Mornings are of ten misty, and to see the elephants move through the grass is a truly magnificnet sight . While watching the beautiful sight of the elephants grazing in the morningmist , you will be treated to a steaming cup of traditional Nepali tea to celebrate the occasion . Meanwhile , one of our naturalists will explain about the wildlife and the ecosystem surrounding you. You may also learn the grass- cutting and binding techniques from the mahouts.

Back in the camp a fulfilling breakfast will be waiting . The rest of the morning you spend with the mahouts learning how to make kuchis (elephant sandwiches), hanging around and watching the elephants enjoy their family and free time in the corrals , or follow any activity the mahouts may have planned for that morning . Lunch will be served around noon , and you might wish to relax and be lazy just like the elephants during the hot midday hours.

In the late afternoon , when the temperature is pleasant , go for a walk in the jungle with the elephants and their mahouts . You will be walking alongside the elephants , watching how they move , what they eat , and listening to their communication , rumbling and trumpeting . On the way, our naturalist will show and tell you about wildlife and vegetation as you move through jungle , grassland , and wetland with the elephants . You will most likely to encounter tigertracks , deer, various species of birds , and may be a rhino or two , depending on the route.

Day 3. Jeep & River Safari

After breakfast prepare for a river safari (extra charge applicable) on the Narayani River. The outing commences with a nature walk  through the riverine forest followed by a scenic float down the river. Cruising on the wide expanse of the river, pockets if rapids propel the boats along as gentle waves lap at the sides. Sitting inside a hand-carved boat keep your eyes peeled for a variety of birdlife and wildlife. Top of the list is the endangered fish-eating Gharial corcodile and its more sinister relative, the Marsh-Mugger.

Return to camp for lunch, and enjoy the midday hours watching the elephants or visit the pool at Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge to cool down.

After lunch and a rest , meet with our naturalist for a jeep safari (extra charge applicable)  in the national park . Explore the jungle in the comfort and convenience of one of our classic vintage Land Rovers . Donot hesitate to ask questions and learn as much as you can - our naturalists are extremely knowledgeable on the animals and the history of Chitwan National Park . During the safari you will encounter wildlife such as different species deer, birds , monkeys , and the endangered one - horned rhinoceros , and hopefully the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger.

Spend the evening relaxing and chatting about the experiences of te day over a drink around the fire in the dining hall.

Day 4. Departure

For a peaceful morning activity join one of our bird - loving naturalists for bird watching . Our naturalist will take you for a walk around the property to help identify species by calls and sounds as well as colour, shape and size . You will be amazed by what the eye of a naturalist is sensitive to as they point out specimens that might have gone completely unnoticed to the untrained eye . Find out which birds are making the enchanting sounds you wake up to in the morning and how to identify them . Bring the Tiger Tops Bird Checklist of Chitwan National Park , which names numerous species that are commonly seen in the area.

Enjoy a nearly lunch before saying goodbye to the elephants and staff and heading to the airport for your return flight to Kathmandu