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4 Day

Karnali Lodge Experience

Karnali Lodge

Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge lies on the periphery of Bardia National Park. It is a world away from the chaotic hustle of Kathmandu. An area of extraordinary beauty and abundant wildlife, a visit to Karnali Lodge is a journey of adventure and an opportunity to reconnect with nature. At Tigertops, the product is the jungle. We want you to be in the jungle for the most of the time you spend with us. Our naturalists, their knowledge and expertise is our pride and their skills are widely respected. Our lodges are simple, in keeping with the local environment, to make you feel as close to the
local culture as possible.


Day 1. Arrival

Upon arrival you will be met by a Tiger Tops representative , provided refresments and transferred to Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge , approximately a two - hour drive away. Enroute get a feel for life in the Terai passing through towns , fields and forests. Close to the Lodge you will cross the Babai River, where Marsh Mugger Crocodiles may be warming in the midday sun .

Once at Karnali Lodge a hot Nepali lunch will be served . In the afternoon , headout on a dusk jeep safari to the National Park in search of elusive tigers and leopards . Tigers hunt in the cool of the day so dusk is a great time to catch a glimpse of the great cats patrolling their territories . The safari will last for two and a half hours . You will be accompanied by an experienced naturalist who will provide in depth knowledge of the local fauna and flora of Bardia National Park. The evening will be spent with cocktails around an outdoor fireplace before moving in to the GholGhar ( Nepalese dining room) for dinner. A good setting for late night chats , the stocked

Day 2. River and jeep safari

Breakfast is served al fresco beneath our shady mango trees - freshfruit , yoghurt , eggs and bacon to get the day off to a perfect start. After breakfast, prepare for a river safar in the Karnali river. Cruising on the wide expanse of the river, pockets of rapids propel the boats along as gentle waves lap at th e sides. Sitting inside a hand - carved boat , keep your eyes peeled for a variety of birdlife and wildlife . Top of the list is the endangered fish - eating Gharial crocodile and its more sinister relative , the Marsh - Mugger.

A Nepali - style lunch will be served back at the Lodge , after which you might want to head to the hammock with your book for relaxation . In the late afternoon , when the weather is cooler and the animals become active , meet with our naturalist for a jeep safari in the nationalpark . Explore nature in the comfort and convenience of one of our classic vintag LandRoers . Donot hesitate to ask questions . Our naturalist are extremely knowledgeable on the animals and the history of Bardia National Park , and they are renowned for their expertise on wildlife throughout Nepal . During the safari you will encounter wildlife such as different species deer, birds , monkeys , and the endangeredone - horned rhinocer os . Bardia National Park also offers good chancess of spotting the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger.

Day 3. Jungle Day

Wake up early and prepare for the day’s adentures with a hearty breakfast . Then strap on your walking boots , take a sturdy bamboo walking stick and prepare for a day of pure exploration and excitement! There will be a premade lunch ready along with refreshments to keep you going through the day. A Land Rover will take you to the National Park Entrance and in to the very heart of the national park . Your day will be spent in the Land Rover and on foot scouting out the undergrowth for that elusive big cats.

Walking down a jungle path enclosed by the Saltrees , listen out for the sounds of orioles and hornbills . We will take you to one of the many “hides ”, where patience is key, as you settled own with a cup of tea and wait for any movement , maybe a rhino, maybe a jungle cat... maybe something else! After the hide , jump back in the Lnad Rover and allow the guide to give you a tour of the parts of the jungle. See a varied range of not only diferent kinds of habitats but of wildlife also. By now your finger will be worn out frm all of the clicking and photo taking but keep it strong - early evening around dusk is a great time for spotting leopard and other big cats. Keep an eye out during your trip the for clawmarks on trees left by tigers who were sharpening their claws and marking their territory.

Stop for a drink from the coolbox, soak up the last of the rays bursting their way through the canopy as you headback to the lodge. This is the last chance to scan for glimpse of a slothbear or wild boar. Back at the lodge, kickoff the walking boots, and put your feet up before dinner is served!

Day 4. Departure

This morning after a leisurely breakfast, your luggage will be loaded aboard one of our vehicles ready to take you on the two-hour drive to Nepalgunj airport in good time for your scheduled light aircraft flight back to Kathmandu.

This is a premade suggested itinerary, you are of course welcome to quote your own program with us. Activities depends on season and weather Conditions