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Tiger Tops and The International Trust for Nature Conservation

Contribute to saving the wildlife and habitats across Asia. Support our partner funds & trusts in carrying out conservation projects.

The International Trust for Nature Conservation (ITNC) is a British registered charity founded in 1980 by the late A.V. Jim Edwards, founder of the Tiger Tops Group of Companies, and a group of likeminded people united in a determination to try and protect parts of the world where wildlife is threatened by human activities.

ITNC is a small, pro-active trust that mainly funds projects throughout the world, but with special focus on South Asia where conservation needs are great and communities are poor.

Tiger Tops is delighted to be partnering with ITNC on a number of successful initiatives including the Longterm Tiger Monitoring Project (estd. 1974) as well as initiating the country's first Gharial breeding program.

Current Conservation Initiatives

Tiger Tops Long Term Tiger
Monitoring Project

Tiger Tops Long Term Tiger Monitoring Project, launched in 1974, is funded by ITNC, and FFTN, the Nepal Tiger Trust. Since 1995, two wildlife technicians have been camera trapping tigers. They have produced the most detailed data to date on tiger ecology, territorial dynamics, turnover, reproduction and tiger survival. Research is the key to sound management of protected areas. Research, coupled with other efforts, will help develop policy for management of areas not directly covered by government protection.

Jayatyu Vulture Restaurant

Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge is closely associated with Jayatyu Vulture Restaurant, a joint venture of Bird Conservation Nepal & ITNC. The aim is to acquaint guests with the alarming plight of the vulture and encourage support in preserving and regenerating the population. The vulture feeding center provides multi-faceted benefits: rescue and care for old cattle, supplies non-toxic food source to vultures and provides village income from home stays, guiding etc.

Tiger Tops Anti-Poaching Network

Tiger Tops Anti-Poaching efforts are possible through assistance from Fund for the Tiger (FFTT), a charitable NGO established in the US by a Tiger Tops guest. FFTT has continued to raise substantial funding since 1996 to support the anti-poaching work of DNPWC and the Dept. Forests in Chitwan, Bardia and Suklaphanta areas. The Anti-poaching network is successful through the strong partnership between DNPWC, ITNC and Tiger Tops.

FFTT and Tiger Tops also support community based anti poaching activities. This grassroots programme provides monthly funding for 3 local youths in the Meghauly Buffer Zone to monitor tigers and illegal activity/poaching.

Assistance to Local Conservation Efforts

Tiger Tops offers assistance to local conservation efforts by providing the salaries of Buffer Zone guards in Chitwan and Bardia National Parks. At these sites Tiger Tops works in close association with officials and provides vehicles, boats, elephants and manpower for patrols and wildlife monitoring. Tharu Lodge provides technical advice to the community-managed Buffer Zone, while guests at Karnali Lodge have donated a motorbike to the National Park.

In the community, lodge naturalists conduct wildlife workshops for students, butterfly workshops and monitoring, and youth training programmes. Additionally, bio-briquette training has been delivered to the Ajrar women’s group to help prevent deforestation and improve health. Every year Tiger Tops Lodges in Chitwan and Karnali also provide logistical support for the Asian Waterfowl Census January count.