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Environmental Footprint

Low Environmental footprint

An integral component of Tiger Tops sustainable approach to conservation tourism

All our Lodges and operations adhere to rigorous environmental policies that aim to mitigate adverse impacts and protect the environment. To reduce energy, waste and pollutants, Tiger Tops properties use solar power, vehicles are maintained to emission control standards. Purchasing, employment and outsourcing are done as locally as possible. The construction of Lodges are from local materials, carried out by local craftsmen. Their designs strive to preserve or incorporate indigenous motifs and products. In the jungle and among nature, strict safari guidelines and wildlife protocol are observed.

Tiger Tops respects, supports and preserves the culture, traditions of local tribes and engages villagers in partnerships for social and economic empowerment.

Tiger Tops recognises its strategic position in the tourism triangle, as the bridge between guests, communities and wildlife, can be a powerful positive force.

Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT)

Tiger Tops is a member of the Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) campaign.

This includes International and local travel operators / agents, destination management agents, local service providers, accommodation providers and visitors who join in to play their individual part of being for the sustainability of wild destinations and fight to save South Asia’s tiger habitats and its protected areas. TOFT’s aim is to advocate a sustainable approach to wildlife tourism and the responsible use of wild habitat in this region, in cooperation with host communities and park authorities.

TOFT collects and raises funds through visitor and operator contributions. TOFT works in partnership with Global Tiger Patrol – (Regd Charity. Estd: 1989). These funds are spent on projects in the field such as conservation education for park guides, TOFT on-going scientific research analysis and aiding park management.

As a local member, our role is to promote the TOFT responsible guidelines/Codes of Conduct to our clients visiting Nepal’s national parks and to ensure that we promote the camps/lodges that are TOFT approved (obtained by the new TOFT ‘Practices Under Guidelines’ (PUG) Rating Certification Program).

Tiger Tops received the award for our Tharu Lodge, which is in close proximity of Chitwan National Park.

Organic Farming

Tiger Tops grows organic produce at all of our lodges

Being organic is an integral component of Tiger Tops' sustainable approach. Being at one with nature also involves cultivating the land in a way that maintains ecological balance. The result is a bountiful harvest of fresh, purely organic and flavorsome produce. As such, we grow our own organic produce on site at both our Tharu and Karnali lodges.

The kitchen our chefs create simple, but mouthwatering wholesome meals that are good for both your body and soul. Enjoy fresh salad, dairy products produced by our own cows, breads, homemade jams and a variety of vegetables. As the gardens grow and mature, guests can wander maze of plants and observe which herbs are planted with vegetables to act as a natural pesticide, learn about the rotation of seasonal produce and watch the chefs as they create their culinary masterpieces.

Growing and sourcing fresh produce, Tiger Tops food is both organic and sustainable. We hope you will enjoy your Tiger Tops food experience as much as we enjoy delivering it to you.